PBB Baggage Conveyor System

In response to a growing need in the airline services industry, P&W Quality Machine Inc. and Airport Bridge Company, Inc. have teamed up and are pleased to offer a new alternative in baggage loading. Our focus is and has always been producing an excellent product while keeping operator safety in the forefront. Our conveyor system has been designed with both ease of use and ease of maintenance in mind. Made of the highest quality industry standard parts, this system will aid in the loading and removal of baggage and other last-minute items such as collapsible wheelchairs and strollers. Each unit can be adapted to fit all PBBs and can be utilized up to and including B757 height.
Weight: 1200 pounds
Electrical: 3 Phase 480vac 3 Amps supplied by PBB Mfg. Cabinet, no interlock required due to independency of PBB movement. The only connections to the PLB is a 3 amp breaker or fuse installed in PBB Mfg. control cabinet.